Our Story

Our company is rooted in the desire to provide a beautiful, ethically sourced, high quality product.  We are a Colorado based, family organization. We pride ourselves in paying all of our artisans a fair wage and creating a product filled with love and history.

Daja Designs was borne in an effort to connect to our Eastern European foundation and to help others experience that same connection.  All of our textiles are hand chosen, selected and placed with an eye toward sharing their beauty with our buyers.

We were inspired by handmade, family heirlooms and all of our designs reflect that same feel by using textile pieces from as far back as the 1940s and beyond; because of this, some of our textiles may have slight beauty marks, adding to the richness of their story.  

We are overjoyed to share this piece of ourselves with you and have filled each of our products with joy and love, creating one of kind pieces that we hope you will be proud to own.